About Excalibur

Excalibur Seasoning Company is an aggressive, technically oriented company with an emphasis on quality, current flavor trends, and customer service.

Excalibur promotes private blends for many companies creating a point of difference in the Processed, Food Service and Retail Food Markets ranging from the small business owner to very large corporations.

Since our inception in 1986, our belief has been that we are in the business to serve our customers on a personal basis with the highest quality products found in the industry.

Excalibur has and remains committed to remaining a family owned business that is big enough to provide large supply demands and timely delivery of our products. Independent operation also ensures personal customer service levels that only a family owned business can deliver.

Our Mission Statement:

Success breeds success.

Excalibur’s first commitment is to help our customers to become successful, by maintaining timely service, and remaining independent while continuing our reputation as a hands-on company.

Excelling in creating markets rather than following trends; remaining innovative as we continuously explore fresh and new opportunities, with the goal of becoming a nationally recognized brand name.

All the while, responsibly maintaining operations for the long term benefit of our customers, employees, suppliers, and the community for which we serve.