Excalibur Seasoning Co. produces thousands of seasoning blends for every aspect of manufacturing and production.

This is a sampling of the items that we have available:

Seasoning Blends

Sausage Blends


All Natural Better Burger Bacon Cures / Rubs Allspice, Ground
All Natural Garlic Sea Salt Binders Black Pepper 14/20 Mesh
All Natural Honey Mustard Marinade Bologna Black Pepper 20/35 Mesh
All Natural Pot Roast Rub Bratwurst Seasoning Black Pepper 35 Mesh
All Natural Salt Free Seasoning Breadings  Black Pepper 6 Mesh
All Natural Steak & Burger Chemicals Black Pepper 6/20 Mesh
All Purpose Seasoning Chemicals (Misc) Black Pepper 70 Mesh.
Applewood Rub Dressings / Stuffings Caraway
BBQ Seasoning Flavor Enhancers Chives
Better Burger Seasoning Fresh Ethnic (Mex-Polish) Sausage Chopped Dillweed
Black Forest Steak Marinade Fresh Poultry Sausage Seasonings Chopped Onion
Bloody Mary Mix Fresh Variety Sausages Chopped Toasted Onion
Butter Garlic Rub Glazes Cilantro Flakes
Cajun Seasoning Ham Cure Cocoa Powder
California Garlic & Pepper Seasoning Italian Seasoning Cracked Bay Leaves
Canadian Steak Seasoning Jerky Cracked Fennel
Chipotle Rub Liquid Marinades Crushed Red Pepper 60k
Celery Salt Marinades Curry Powder
Cherry Hickory Romano Rub Natural Marinades Dark Chili Pepper
Chipotle Pepper Rub Organic Brine's Dehydrated Celery
Citrus Green Tea Rub Organic Pork Sausage  Dijon Mustard Powder
Custom Pork BBQ Seasoning Organic Spices Field Run Bell Pepper
Das Salt Free Seasoning Organics Field Run Bell Pepper -8+40
Excalibur Custom BBQ Seasoning Patty Mixes Garlic Powder
Five Pepper Blend Patty Seasoning Garlic Powder
Garden Medley Salt Free Phosphates Granulated Garlic
Garlic Butter With Cheese Marinade Polish Sausage Granulated Garlic
Garlic Pepper Pork Sausage Seasoning  Granulated Onion
Garlic Pepper No MSG Rubs / Pumps Granulated Roasted Garlic
Garlic Salt Salad Dressing Green Bell Pepper -8+40
Gourmet Garlic Salt Salami Ground Anise
Grill Flavor Fast Sauces / Dips Ground Basil
Grill In Grill Out Seasoning & Liquids (Misc) Ground Bay Leaves
Hickory Char & Thyme Smoked Sausage Ground Caraway
Honey Ham Glaze Snack Sticks  Ground Cardamom
Hot Buffalo Wing Seasoning Speed Cures Ground Celery
Lemon Pepper Summer Sausage Ground Cinnamon
Lemon Pepper No MSG Variety Cures Ground Cloves
Low Salt Raspberry Chipotle Rub Variety Seasonings Ground Coriander
Majestic Steak Seasoning Ground Cumin
Meat Marinade Ground Dill
Meat Tenderizer Ground Fennel
Mesquite Chicken Seasoning Ground Fenugreek
Mesquite Seasoning No MSG Ground Ginger
Onion Pepper Ground Green Bell Pepper
Pork Roast & Chop Rub Ground Jalapeno Pepper
Potato Seasoning & Garnish Ground Mace
Poultry Seasoning Ground Marjoram
Prime Rib Rub Ground Mustard
Prime Rib Rub No MSG Ground Nutmeg
Prime Rib with Grill Flavor Ground Oregano
Prime Steak Seasoning Ground Red Pepper 40k
Prime time Seasoning (Beef Roast Rub) Ground Red Pepper 60k
Prime Time Seasoning and Rub Ground Rosemary
Roast Pork W/ Apple Cinnamon & Butter Marinade  Ground Sage
Rosemary Basil & Thyme Seasoning Ground Savory
Rosemary Garlic Seasoning Ground Thyme
Rotisserie (Electric) Seasoning Ground Turmeric
Rotisserie (Gas) Seasoning Ground White Pepper
Savory Seasoning Salt Habanero Powder
Seasoned Salt No MSG Jalapeno Pepper Flakes
Shrimp Seasoning Kosher Salt
Signature Pork Rub Lite Chili Pepper
Smokehouse BBQ No MSG Minced Garlic
Smokehouse BBQ Seasoning Minced Green Onion
Smokehouse Chicken BBQ Seasoning Minced Onion
Southwest Mesquite Rub Minced Parsley
Strip Tee Seasoning Onion Powder
Sugar Free BBQ Rub Onion Salt
Sundried Tomato Basil Rub Paprika 85 Asta
Sundried Tomato Rotisserie Seasoning Paprika Asta 110
Sweet & Sassy Garlic Pepper Paprika Asta 120
Ultimate Grillin Rub & Sprinkle Paprika Asta 150
Ultimate Pork Chop & Roast Rub Pepper, Green Bell 1/4" Flakes
Ultimate Seasoning and Rub Poppy Seeds
Ultimate Steak & Roast 25% Less Salt Red Bell Pepper 1/4"
Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub Red Bell Pepper -8+40
Apple Pie Seasoning Red Crushed Pepper 20k
Cinnamon Roll Blend Red Crushed Pepper 40k
Cinnamon Toast Sprinkle Rubbed Sage
Pumpkin Pie Spice Sesame Seed
Asiago & Chive Seasoning Sliced Dehydrated Onion
Bacon Cheddar Ale Dip Mix Smoked Sea Salt
Black Raspberry Dip Mix Spinach Flakes
Blueberry Dip Mix Spinach Powder
Cheddar Ranch Dip Mix Sunflower Seeds
Cucumber Dill Dip Mix Toasted Sesame Seed
Deluxe Dill Chip Dip Mix Visual Paprika
Garlic Romano Seasoning Whole Allspice
Hot Pepper Dip Mix Whole Anise
Nacho Cheese Dip Mix Whole Basil
Stout Ranch Cheddar Dip Mix Whole Bay Leaves
Strawberry Dip Mix Whole Black Pepper
Tomato Romano Seasoning Whole Brown Mustard Seed
Vegetable Dip Mix Whole Celery Seed
Argentinean Style BBQ Seasoning Whole Cloves
Argentinean Style BBQ Seasoning Whole Coriander
Asian Curry Seasoning Whole Dill Seed
Authentic Greek Seasoning Whole Fennel
Aztec Seasoning Whole Marjoram
Blackened Cajun Marinade Whole Oregano
Caribbean Heat Seasoning Whole Parsley
Caribbean Tropical Topical Whole Rosemary
Carna Asada & Bistec Seasoning Whole Seed Mustard
Fajita Marinade Whole Tarragon
Fiesta Burrito Seasoning Whole Thyme
Fiesta Chicken Seasoning
Fiesta Fajita Seasoning
Fiesta Pork Seasoning
Greens Seasoning
Italian Rub 
Kalbi Seasoning
Mexicali Taco Seasoning
Moroccan Style Spice Blend
Special Cajun Seasoning
Captains Bay Seasoning
Salmon Grill No MSG
Ultimate Fish Seasoning
Hunter's Better Blend
Venison Marinade
Wild Game Seasoning
Burgundy French Onion Base
Chili Seasoning Complete
Italian Flavored Roast Rub
Killer Chili Seasoning
Meat Loaf Seasoning
Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning
Ultimate Chili Seasoning
Vegetable Soup Mix